Who Contributes To My Success – Mirella Scalise

Who Contributes to My Success? by Mirella Scalise

Part of the Success Series, a series of Question/Answer pieces centred on John Maxwell’s The Value of Asking Questions


What is the greatest lesson you have learned?

Mirella:  Every single person I have met in my life, through positive or negative experience, both in the workplace and out, has shaped me!

I have learned so many lessons in my life –  books’ worth – but I think the greatest lesson has been that I can’t control everything.  In fact, I can’t control anything.  And life’s events will just turn my world upside down at a moment’s notice.  I can’t prepare as much as I think I can.

Sometimes I haven’t been prepared at all.  I can map out my wants and needs and fulfill objectives to feel accomplished and challenged in my life, but the path is ever-evolving because the journey’s end-point is always ever-changing also.  I’ve learned not to hang on so tight and embrace this thing called life, both its roses and thorns.

What are you learning now?

Mirella: I’m learning not to be so hard on myself, to truly appreciate how blessed I’ve been in my life, that the worst days of my life were preceded by some of the best days in my life and vice-versa, to be grateful for all my experiences, for the people in my life that have come and gone, that life is about good days and bad, and that there aren’t always going to be good days.

I’ve learned that the only validation I need is from myself, to know and own my truth, to never waiver from that truth, and to continue being the person who empowers to make every day memorable.  I’m learning that there are endless opportunities out there where I can extend my reach and not settle, that we all have a higher purpose and I continue to believe that nothing is impossible.

How has failure shaped you?

Mirella: It has allowed me to pick myself up, dust myself off and get back out there, to be better than the day before, to always improve, to never give up even when it seemed giving up was the only thing to do.  I’ve always believed in doing the right thing, I believe in fighting for people, I believe in rooting for the underdog, I believe that what’s not right is wrong, I believe I have a voice for a reason, I believe leading by example and showing versus telling can help shape others for success, which in turn, continues to motivate me.  Failure is empowering.

Who do you know that I should know?

Mirella: You should really meet my dad.  My dad has been my biggest supporter and a key influence in my life.  He has a natural tenacity to be a mentor, a guide, a coach without even realizing or admitting that he is.  He is humble, always willing to help others, share with others what he knows, what he has learned in his own life and how he continues to utilize his own experiences and teachings to inspire and motivate me.  A natural born leader who cares about others’ well-being and success over his own.  Except when golf is on, asking for advice will just have to wait a little bit ?

What have you read that I should read?


Both these books are heavy reads, it took me a long time to get through them.  Sometimes I got through one or two pages at a time, and sometimes chapters’ worth.

Resilience to handle life’s challenges is something I have continued to empower myself to have while dealing with unexpected life situations.  These books helped me to understand hardwired patterns versus how to re-wire for maximum resilience.  I also learned that everything happens in its own way, its own time; survival is a journey in itself, coping is part of survival and that healing is part of my own journey, no matter how much support surrounds me.

What have you done that I should do?

Mirella: Talk to the homeless.  They inspire me.  They would inspire you too.

How can others add value to you? 

Mirella: People add value to me every single day.  The stories they share, the insights and perspectives of where they’ve been, where they’re going.  Their hopes, their dreams.  Sharing their obstacles and successes.  Listening to them, being able to open up about their lives.  I’m inspired and motivated and humbled every single day.  People who own their truth are truly empowering.


Mirella ScaliseExtremely passionate about bringing people and organizations together to achieve the impossible, Mirella Scalise has a tremendous appreciation for marketing and brand, coupled with people and culture.  She enjoys delivering key messages around people and services, immersed in a culture where there’s an ever-flowing momentum of pride in team accomplishments. With over 30 years’ progressive experience, Mirella brings marketing, communications, brand, business strategy and talent management to life across a diverse market of sectors and industries.       “I thrive when we all work and win together”.

This is one contribution, of many, to the Success Series, a series of Question/Answer pieces centred on John Maxwell’s The Value of Asking Questions. To read other contributions in this Series, please go to the original introduction of the piece, Who Contributes to Your Success

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