Who Contributes to My Success? by Doug Lawrence

Part of the Success Series, a series of Question/Answer pieces centred on John Maxwell’s The Value of Asking Questions


What is the greatest lesson you have learned?

Doug: That my need for relationships is driven by the fact that I did not have strong relationships growing up. This has fueled my learning in the area of mentoring, leadership, effective communication and relationship building.

What are you learning now?

Doug: The majority of my learning now is focused on the spiritual aspect of my life. By understanding that aspect, I am more prepared to be of service to others. This is a journey that I have been on since 2007 but which has intensified in the past couple of years. It plays a huge role in the mentoring that I do.

How has failure shaped you?

Doug: I struggled with this question as I do not believe in the word “failure”. Failures are learning opportunities. We need to be asking ourselves three questions: 1) what went well, 2) what didn’t go well and 3) what will we do differently the next time. My journey and my being of service to others is all about taking advantage of learning opportunities. Sharing those opportunities with others is part of the mentoring that I do.

Who do you know that I should know?

Doug: For me to suggest a name would be something that I have never done before. This is a question that begs other questions to be asked. Are we referring to my personal life or my professional life? If I were to suggest a name, would it have any bearing on our relationship? Perhaps asking me who has been a huge influencer in my life would be a better question.

What have you read that I should read?

Doug: The Leadership Gap by Lolly Daskal. This is a great book that talks about the seven different archetypes of leadership.

What have you done that I should do?

Doug:  A question that begs a question. Are we asking on a personal or professional basis? For me, it would be all about developing a better understanding of the “gift of mentoring”. Developing relationships and asking the right questions are all part of anyone’s journey as an effective mentor.

How can others add value to you?

Doug: Others can add value by being part of my journey and growth personally, professionally and spiritually. It may be done through a mentoring relationship or a personal relationship. It would definitely be wrapped up in a relationship of some sort. The value I would see would be in providing me the opportunity to learn and grow through the interaction we would have with these relationships.

Doug LawrenceDoug Lawrence is the founder of TalentC® a Human Resources solution provider focused on effective mentoring. Doug is an International Certified Mentor Practitioner (ICMP) and an International Certified Mentor Facilitator (ICMF). He has over 30 years of mentoring and leadership experience in federal, provincial and private sector environments and is recognised as a thought leader in the mentoring space. Doug authored the book entitled, “The Gift of Mentoring”. Doug has worked with organisations to establish mentoring programmes/mentoring cultures and provides one on one professional mentoring with people at all levels in an organisation on an international basis.

Doug was instrumental in developing a curriculum to train people on how to become effective mentors. He has also created the International Certification for Mentors in partnership with Acquiros. As the founder of TalentC® – People Services Inc., Doug has established a presence in a number of countries, UK, Panama, Brazil, West Africa, Dubai, and various locations in North America in order to share the “gift of mentoring”.

This is one contribution, of many, to the Success Series, a series of Question/Answer pieces centred on John Maxwell’s The Value of Asking Questions. To read other contributions in this Series, please go to the original introduction of the piece, Who Contributes to Your Success?

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