What It Takes To Begin Mentoring

What It Takes To Begin Mentoring

Leveraging mentoring to build the necessary soft skills in your workforce

David Shapiro, CEO of MENTOR – The National Mentoring Partnership talks about mentoring as the connection to growth and opportunity. How right he is.

Mentoring, as a skill and a resource within an organisation brings so much value. Through the process of self reflection and active listening, both mentor and mentee are able to experience growth and make the changes that matter.

As Doug Lawrence, a mentoring leader, who has been instrumental in developing a curriculum to train people on how to become effective mentors says, “its not about somebody telling you what to do – it’s about somebody who knows the questions to ask, to guide you to the answer, so that you end up owning the outcome.”

Mentoring – anyone can begin this journey.

As you consider bringing mentoring to your organisation, consider whether they are mentor ready.

In this second video interview with Doug, hosted by Rowena Morais, we consider what it takes to begin the mentoring journey. Watch this interview to understand the true power of mentoring. Mentoring – anyone can begin this journey. (Watch the first interview with Doug on the Power of Mentoring)

What You Will Learn

1. the need to have the right mindset;
2. critical preparatory steps you need to take;
3. how to identify the most appropriate mentee;
4. what is called for in mentoring; and
5. how to deal with mis-steps.


Featured Course

Certified Mentor Practitioner Level 1


Podcast Details

  • Available as either audio or video file;
  • Duration : 40 mins.


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