What Is Software Testing?

What is Software Testing?

An introduction to the purpose and value of software testing

Key Takeaway

Software testing is a process involving examining and testing of programmes or applications to ensure that it meets both business and technical requirements and that it works as expected. There is significant value in the role but those embarking on this career must understand what it involves.

In this podcast, we talk to Ravi Mark Venkat, an Enterprise IT and Corporate Soft Skills Consultant. Ravi was invited on the call because he has run classes on software testing. Ravi’s background in Systems and Virtualisation technologies and in leading many Citrix based farms enables him to share valuable input and showcase the value of software testing. Ravi’s worked across a range of industries. Although he worked in the US for 20 years, he is currently based in Pune, India.


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The session is aimed at providing at introductory level understanding so that those new to the field can understand the pros and cons as well as take a big picture look at what this job involves.

Bad programmers have all the answers. Good testers have all the questions.
Gil Zilberfeld

What You Will Learn

  • What is software testing?
  • What is the business value in software testing?
  • Should testing be done inhouse or outsourced?
  • What are some of the typical roles associated with software testing?
  • What does the typical software development process and software testing involve?
  • What are some of the various testing methods out there?
  • Are there set periods or stages when you embark on testing – how does this work?
  • What is test estimation and what purpose does it serve? What are some test estimation techniques available?
  • What kind of skills do you need to get into this field?
  • Are there generally accepted standards guiding software testing?

Podcast Details

  • Available as a podcast
  • Duration : 38 mins

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