What Does It Take To Deliver Successful Change Programmes?

What Does It Take To Deliver Successful Change Programmes?

Clarity of goals and a planned context are key to success

In this exclusive podcast, brought to you by Vertical Distinct, we talk to Elissa Farrow, an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach who specialises in portfolio, programme, project and change management. Global Board Secretary for the Change Management Institute, Elissa was invited on the call precisely because of her background in change management.

The plan for the call was to examine the various factors which influence the delivery of successful change initiatives in organisations, considering issues like the role of managers, what commitment means as well as closer look at the relationship between the soft and hard issues at play.

Those companies that start with a very clear direction, a set of goals, maybe even some metrics to measure that the improvement is heading in the direction that they want to go and conduct a regular check-in are the ones that tend to have a better level of success.
Elissa Farrow


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What You Will Learn

  • the factors with the most influence on a transformation initiative;
  • the difference and impact points of both the soft issues such as culture and leadership and the hard issues such as financial results and time taken for project completion;
  • where commitment level sits in the change effort;
  • the role of managers and executives in any transformation effort – what’s being under-estimated and how it can be managed;
  • top three strategies that make the most impact in the delivery of successful company transformation.

Podcast Details

  • available as an audio file
  • duration : 30 mins

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