What do you need to do in order to be strong?

Understand what it takes to go from timid to strong

Key Takeaway

Strength is a state of mind. You can develop it, you can train yourself to become strong.

Q : You come across as a strong woman.  What does one need to do to be strong?  How can I go from being timid to strong?

What does “strong” mean to you?

Do you mean strong so you can lift weights?
Are you referring to a level of endurance and wanting it to be a certain kind of high?
How high?
High compared to what?
You mean endurance as in resilience or threshold for pain?


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Do people go about saying, “There goes a strong man?” Why then do we draw this differentiation with a woman?  Is it because we expect women to be weak, and then if we recognise one with more strength, we immediately classify her as “strong?”

I believe that, like genius, strength is only a state of mind.

I recognise strong women everywhere – unsung heroes who quietly go about life, raising their children, supporting their husbands, sacrificing for family and community.  I know strong women who are intensely committed to their profession and who bring immense value to any organisation.  Sadly, those who are overtly “strong” are noticed and others who are “weak” go unnoticed because our definitions are warped and we are looking in all the wrong places.

I believe that, like genius, strength is only a state of mind.  This means we can develop it; we can train to have more of it.  A state comes and goes; we step in and out of our states.  Those who can’t do this effectively are often called eccentrics because they display certain behaviour inappropriately.

As with all goals, set yourself a realistic timeframe to achieve.

Decide all the ways you want to be strong.  Then draw up a measuring scale so you can track your progress. You’ve begun one already. Timid <——————-> Strong.

As with all goals, set yourself a realistic timeframe to achieve.
Count, don’t discount.
Women have a way of minimising their accomplishments.

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This post is part of the Live Your Best Life Question/Answer series by Tessie Lim.
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