Become a CTFL qualified Tester

Now's the time to become a CTFL qualified Tester

Do you want to pass the ISTQB®/ASTQB® Foundation level course? In other words, do you want to get CTFL qualified?

Then, you need to sign up for the ISTQB® Foundation Exam Preparatory Course. It is an executive- style short course, based on the latest version of the ISTQB® Foundation Level syllabus, the contents and glossary of which are the de facto industry reference for the software testing profession.

What is this qualification?

The ISTQB® Certified Tester is the most widespread qualification scheme in the world and it’s specifically for software testers.

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When, where and how?


i. Delivery – [online] You will need access to a laptop with a stable internet connection. Delivered via video on a reputable learning platform, the course includes a slide deck and live chat functionality.

ii. Scheduled dates – [18 – 20 October 2016]

iii. Duration – [9 hours] Delivered over a three-day period consecutively

iv. Timing – [3 hours per day] Course runs from 6.00PM – 9.00PM MYT (10.00AM – 1.00PM GMT)

v. Fee  – [USD384]

Target Audience

Who is this for?


You could be someone who has a basic working knowledge of IT or have many years’ experience in software testing. This course is really useful for anyone involved in software testing and could include those with the following job titles :
• Software Tester;
• Project Manager;
• Quality Manager;
• Test Leader;
• Business Manager.


What’s covered in the course?


Principles of Testing
Testing throughout the Life-cycle
Static Testing
Dynamic Testing Techniques
Test Management
Tool Support for Testing

Five reasons you should consider attending the ISTQB® Foundation Exam Preparatory Course

Self study
#1 It will complement your existing self-study

You’ve been working hard to study on your own. This course will, therefore, complement your own efforts and even validate what you’ve been learning.

Power-packed and condensed
#2 The course is condensed yet power-packed

You can’t find the time to devote the typical three full days needed in an on-site instructor-led course. That’s why this executive-style course (an abridged version that provides a comparatively shorter alternative to the full classroom version) may just do the trick.

Finding the time
#3 You can’t find a time or date for the course that works for you

You haven’t had any luck finding any classroom training at a time and place you can attend. This online course opens up a new opportunity for you to strike while the iron is hot and embrace the learning you need to get qualified.

More affordable
#4 This is way cheaper

The costs for the instructor-led ISTQB® Foundation courses that you’ve checked out so far have been prohibitive. Money has been a sticking point, for whatever reason, right now. Let’s get rid of that hurdle for you. This online course, which takes place over three consecutive days, for a maximum of only three hours a day, is yours to sign up for, at a fraction of the cost of a fully fledged course.

Comfort and convenience
#5 Comfort. Convenience. Flexibility

No need to fight traffic. No struggle to find a parking space. No commute. No important family time missed.  What other reasons do you need?

What does this course deliver on?
It will give you the ability to get all the knowledge transfer and expertise to pass the ISTQB®/ ASTQB® Foundation exam. It’s that simple.


Who delivers this course?

Richard Ede delivers this course. An ISTQB® registered training instructor, Richard has a powerful combination of experience in software testing and training delivery.

Richard EdeHe has helped over one thousand students advance their software quality assurance skills worldwide.Delivering ISTQB® certification courses around the world, his  clients include Lane Crawford, Eurofins and Sunlife Insurance. Based in Hong Kong over the last few years, Richard has been achieving a 100% pass rate for Hong Kong candidates taking the accredited ISTQB® course which he delivers.

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What do people say about Richard?

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is committed to enhancing customer wagering experience through information technology. Software testing quality and time-to-market are crucial and my project team responsible for testing management constantly looks for ways in improving that. Our general team members took a 2-day introductory course on “Practical Acceptance Test” conducted by Richard Ede and that was packed with useful knowledge about the industry best practices on testing. Dedicated team members further attended the 3-day “Foundation Level ISTQB Software Testing Certification Training” and we found it very fruitful.

One characteristic of the training delivered by Richard is a good combination of both theoretical knowledge and practical know-how that rooted from his active and hands-on testing consultancy background. What we also treasure is his passion in clarifying our course queries and his dedication in answering our practical questions. Indeed we relish (should I say that under the scope of testing? :P) those games of questions that were fun, and helped the class for revision of the course materials, which enhanced our understanding in preparing for the certification test.

-Joe Chan, Senior Special Projects Manager, The Hong Kong Jockey Club – feedback on attending a training session with Richard Ede in Hong Kong

Still unsure about it?

Still thinking about this?

Listen to this podcast with Richard on mistakes to avoid in the Fundamental Test Processes

Richard Ede on Software Testing : Mistakes to Avoid in the Fundamental Test Processes

The podcast opens as a dropbox folder and is a .wav file. You don’t need to have a Dropbox account to listen. You can find out also more about what’s covered in the podcast.








View or download the Course Brochure

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