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Three day course. This course leads to the ITIL® Certificate – Service Strategy. This is a free-standing qualification, but is also part of the ITIL® Intermediate Lifecycle stream, and one of the modules that leads to the ITIL® Expert Certificate in IT Service Management. The course covers the management and control of activities and techniques within the Service Strategy stage, but not the detail of each of the supporting processes. Register for this course.

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Course Information

Unit 01 Introduction to service strategy(Full understanding of service strategy terms and core concepts; The purpose, goals, scope and objectives of service strategy; The value to the business; The context of service strategy in relation to all other lifecycle stages).

Unit 02 Service strategy principles(The ability to decide on a service strategy; How to define services, create value and leverage the combined use of utility and warranty; How to use service economics and sourcing strategies when meeting business outcomes).

Unit 03 Service strategy processes(The management level concepts for the five service strategy processes and how they flow and integrate with the lifecycle; The purpose, scope and objectives of each service strategy process and how they link to value for the business).

Unit 04 Governance(The ability to analyse IT governance and use it to set strategy by leveraging governance framework and bodies).

Unit 05 Organising for service strategy(The ability to create an organizational design using the relevant development and departmental methods).

Unit 06 Technology considerations(Understand the relevance and opportunities for service automation and the importance and application of technology interfaces across the lifecycle).

Unit 07 Implementing service strategy (Develop implementation strategies that follow a lifecycle approach (e.g. design, transition, operation and improvement, programmes).

Unit 08 Challenges, critical success factors and risks(The ability to provide insight and guidance for strategic challenges, risks and critical success factors).


22 – 24 Feb | Jakarta, Indonesia

Examination Details(8 multiple choice scenario based, gradient scored questions; each question has 4 possible answer options; max of 90 mins to take the exam; exam is supervised and done in person; pass score of 28/40 or 70%; prerequisite is ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management or other appropriate earlier ITIL® and bridge qualifications)

Exam mode (in person paper based, conducted after the course)

Exam eligibility(To be eligible for the ITIL® Intermediate Qualification: Service Strategy examination,you must have fulfilled the following requirements: 1) At least 21 contact hours (hours of instruction, excluding breaks, with an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) or an accredited e-learning solution) for this syllabus, as part of a formal, approved training course/scheme; 2) A basic IT literacy and around 2 years IT experience are highly desirable; 3) Hold the ITIL ® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management (or other appropriate earlier ITIL ® and bridge qualifications; 4) It is also recommended that you should complete at least 21 hours of personal study by reviewing the syllabus and the ITIL ® Service Strategy publication in preparation for the examination, specifically Chapter 2: Service management as a practice.)

Exam fees are not included in the registration fees quoted and are to be purchased separately.

Certification by : Axelos

AXELOS (The Accreditor) assess and licence Examination Institutes (EIs) to administer ITIL ® accreditation and examination activities. There are a number of organisations who are licensed to offer ITIL ® Accreditation and Examination services to training organisations and individuals under the current scheme. An Examination Institute (EI) is an organisation accredited by AXELOS and permitted to operate an examination scheme through a network of Accredited Training Organisations, and Accredited Trainers with Accredited materials. This course is administered by BCS The Chartered Institute for IT, which champions the global IT profession.

ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.

This course is conducted and delivered by Sysop Limited who are an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO). Vertical Distinct acts as a service provider to Sysop Limited and is not required to hold ATO status. All materials pertaining to the course are copyright © Sysop Limited. All rights reserved.


Target Audience

1. This course is suitable for individuals who require a detailed understanding of the ITIL ® Service Strategy phase of the ITIL® core Lifecycle and how it may be implemented to enhance the quality of IT service provision within an organisation.
2. The main target candidates for the ITIL Intermediate Qualification: Service Strategy Certificate (includes, but is not restricted to Chief information officers (CIOs), Chief technology officers (CTOs), Managers, Supervisory staff, Team leaders, Service designers, IT architects, IT planners, IT consultants, IT audit managers, IT security managers, ITSM trainers involved in the on-going management, co-ordination and integration of strategising activities within the service lifecycle.
3. Other candidates include (Individuals who require a deeper understanding of the ITIL service strategy stage of the ITIL service lifecycle and how activities in it may be implemented to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organisation; IT professionals working in roles associated with strategic planning, execution and control within a service-based business model, seeking an understanding of the concepts, processes, functions and activities involved in service strategy; Individuals who have attained the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management and wish to advance to higher level ITIL certifications; Individuals seeking the ITIL Expert Certification in IT Service Management for which this qualification can be one of the prerequisite modules; Individuals seeking progress toward the ITIL Master Certificate in IT Service Management for which the ITIL Expert is a prerequisite).

Important Note

1. This course is conducted and delivered by Sysop Limited, an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO). Vertical Distinct Sdn Bhd acts as a service provider to Sysop Limited and is not required to hold ATO status. A
2. All materials pertaining to the course are copyright © Sysop Limited. All rights reserved. ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited.
3. In order to be trained and examined for this qualification, you must already hold the ITIL ®Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management (the V3 Foundation or V2 Foundation plus Bridge Certificate). You should bring your certificate(s) with you to complete the registration process on the first day of the course.
4. If you hold the following ITIL qualifications, you will also be eligible, and similar evidence will be required ( Earlier ITIL (V2) Foundation plus Foundation Bridge or ITIL Expert Certificate in IT Service Management (achieved via Service Manager or Practitioner bridging routes).

You will learn

1. Key learning areas(service management as a practice; the ITIL service lifecycle; generic concepts and definitions; key principles and models; selected processes; selected roles; technology and architecture; and competence and training).
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