ISTQB® Foundation Exam Preparatory Course

ISTQB® Foundation Exam Preparatory Course

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Faculty Instructors: Richard Ede

Online course. The ISTQB® Certified Tester is the most widespread qualification scheme in the world. This executive-style short course is based on the latest version of the ISTQB® Foundation Level syllabus, the contents and glossary of which are the de facto industry reference for the software testing profession. This course is intended to help prepare you to take the ASTQB® Foundation Level exam. Register for this course.

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Course Information

What’s The Course About?

You will learn all of the basic aspects of software testing and Quality Assurance (QA), including an overview of tasks, methods and techniques for effectively testing software.

The Course At A Glance

Preparation towards (ASTQB® Foundation Level exam)
The qualification (Doing this course prepares you to take the ASTQB® Foundation Level exam. On passing the exam, you will receive the Certified Tester Foundation Level (ISTQB®/ ASTQB® CTFL®) certificate)
Further upskilling (Please note that if you pass the ISTQB® /ASTQB® exam and obtain the CTFL® certificate, you will thereafter be eligible to undertake any advanced level certification exams. These include the Agile Tester Foundation Extension, Advanced Test Manager, Advanced Test Analyst and Advanced Technical Test Analyst.)

Why Should You Take This Course?

The ISTQB® Certified Tester is the most widespread qualification scheme in the world. This executive-style short course is based on the latest version of the ISTQB® Foundation Level syllabus, the contents and glossary of which are the de facto industry reference for the software testing profession. This course is intended to help prepare you to take the ASTQB® Foundation Level exam.

ISTQB® or ASTQB® – What’s The Difference?

No difference, really. Yes, we refer to the course as preparing you for the ASTQB® Foundation Level exam and that the course is based on the ISTQB® Foundation Level syllabus. The exam you will be preparing for is the ASTQB® Foundation Level exam.

ASTQB® is simply the US examination board for the internationally recognised ISTQB® software testing certification. They provide and administer these exams through the online Kryterion testing stations which are located throughout the world.

What Should You Do To Prepare For The ASTQB® Foundation Level Exam?

This online course prepares you for the said exam. Once you’ve completed the course, you will be provided with a variety of electronic documents to further prepare, including sample exam questions.

Are There Any Prerequisites To Attending This Course?

It will be helpful for you to review the ISTQB® Foundation Level syllabus.

Key Takeaways

Once you’ve completed this course, you should be:
• able to perform effective testing of software;
• more aware of techniques and standards applicable;
• more aware of what testing tools can achieve; and
• able to find more information about testing and establish the basic steps of the testing process.

This course can provide you, whether as a company or as an individual, a competitive advantage, promising a higher level of reliability of the applications being developed due to efficient and cost-effective testing practices that you will learn through this course.

Curriculum Overview

Principles of Testing (Terminology; Why testing is necessary; Fundamental test process; Psychology of testing; Re-testing and regression testing; Expected results and prioritisation.)

Testing throughout the Life-cycle (Models for testing; Economics of testing; High-level test planning; Acceptance testing; Integration testing in the large function and non-function system; Integration testing in the small; Component testing and maintenance testing.)

Static Testing(Reviews and the test process; Types of reviews; Static analysis.)

Dynamic Testing Techniques(Black and white box testing; Black and white box techniques; Experienced-Based techniques.)

Test Management(Organisation and configuration management; Test Estimation; Monitoring and control; Incident management; Standards for testing.)

Tool Support for Testing(Types of CAST tool (Computer-Aided Software Testing); Tool selection and implementation.)

5 Reasons To Take This Course

#1 It will complement existing self-study (You’ve been working hard to self -study. This course, therefore, complements your existing self-study and can even validate what you’ve been learning.)

#2 Condensed yet power-packed (You cannot find the time to devote a full 24 hours (or three full days) towards instructor-led training. That’s why this executive-style course (an abridged version that provides a comparatively shorter alternative to the full classroom version) may just do the trick.)

#3 You can’t find a date/time for the course that works for you(You have not been fortunate enough, thus far, to find any classroom training, either for the dates or locations you desire, and this online course opens up a new opportunity for you to strike while the iron is hot and embrace the learning you need to get qualified.)

#4 This is way cheaper (The costs for the instructor-led ISTQB® Foundation courses that you’ve checked out so far have been, for the most part, prohibitive. Money has been a sticking point, for whatever reason, and now we’re able to get rid of that hurdle for you. This online course, which takes place over three consecutive days, for a maximum of only three hours a day, is yours to sign up for, at a fraction of the cost of a fully fledged course. Yet, it will deliver what you need : the ability to get all the knowledge transfer and expertise to pass the ASTQB® Foundation exam. It’s that simple.)

#5 Comfort. Convenience. Flexibility(You don’t fight traffic or struggle to find parking spaces. You avoid the commute. You don’t miss important family time.You get to plan your study well. What other reasons do you need?)

Details about the Online Class

Delivery (Online)
Scheduled dates (21 – 23 March 2017)
Duration (Total of 9 hours, delivered 3 hours per day over a three day period consecutively)
Timing (Delivered from 6.00PM – 9.00PM MYT (10.00AM – 1.00PM GMT)

The ASTQB® Foundation Level Exam

Can you provide more details about the ASTQB® Foundation Level Exam?

Exam timeframe (60 minutes)
Exam format (Multiple choice, set of 40 questions)
Exam pass score (65%)
Exam fee (USD250 for one exam sitting. Exam fees are not included in the registration fees for this course. Please note that exam fees may differ at the point of registration. You should check the ASTQB website for more details.)
Exam centre (Kryterion, an online testing solution provider. Check their website for details as to your nearest testing centre.)
Exam registration (When you sign up for our course, step-by-step details will be provided as to the procedure for your exam registration.)

Two Options

Option #1 Purchase the online course alone
Price : USD384 inclusive of 20% VAT applicable

Option #2 Purchase the Value Package
i) Online course; and
ii) An exclusive and closed-door Google+ hangout session(s) with your instructor, which will help you in your exam preparations.
Price : USD594 inclusive of 20% VAT applicable

What is the Value Package?

• The Value Package provides a single-seat registration towards this course but also includes an exclusive and closed-door Google+ hangout Q&A session with our Faculty instructor where you will be free to ask questions;
• Depending on the size of the group, there may be either one or two sessions you will be able to attend. If the size of the group is <25, there will be only one hangout. For a group >25 (up to a maximum of 50 per session), there will be two scheduled hangout sessions available;
• The sessions will be scheduled and notified in advanced so you can block the dates/times out;
• You will have the opportunity to pose questions in advance, by a cut-off date, which questions will be collated for the Q&A;
• Additional questions may also be taken on the day of the hangout itself. However, these questions will only be tackled once the advance questions have been answered ie the advance questions will be prioritised;
• Each Google+ hangout session may last between an hour to 1.5 hours per session;
• once all questions have been collated, these will be documented and sent to all registered Value Package attendees, prior to the session, so they know what will be covered in the session(s).

Value Package registration deadline : 15 March 2017

How Will The Course Be Delivered?

Online – You will need access to a laptop with a stable internet connection. The course will be delivered via video on a reputable learning platform and will include the provision of a slide deck and live chat functionality. The slide decks will be set to printable. Cheat sheets and some Terms of Reference in the syllabus will also be provided as part of the course.

Who Is This Course Intended For?

You could be someone who has a basic working knowledge of IT or have many years’ experience in software testing. This course is really useful for anyone involved in software testing and could include those with the following job titles :

• Software Tester;
• Project Manager;
• Quality Manager;
• Test Leader;
• Business Manager.

Important Note

1. This course is brought to you in partnership with SQA Skills.

2. Please take note that it’s not mandatory for you to take any course in order to prepare for the ISTQB®/ASTQB® Foundation exam. The ISTQB® Foundation Level course is available in the marketplace today, in order to assist in preparing you for the exam. This online executive-style course however, provides an alternative to the ISTQB® Foundation Level course. It is neither officially sanctioned nor supported by ISTQB® in any way.

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