Inspiring the best in your people

Inspiring the Best in Your People

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Faculty Instructors: Chris Roebuck

Two day course. This is a special opportunity to work with Chris Roebuck who has a unique and powerful perspective that helps individuals and organisations be successful through leadership. It will help you to get the best from people and then focus it onto critical deliverables. Register for this course.

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Course Information

Professor Chris Roebuck gives an overview of how his unique Masterclass helps leaders get the best from their people and focus that on what delivers success using their own experience.

Inspiring the Best in Your People
Focusing on what delivers success | A Mach 2 HR Masterclass


The world of organisations and work has transformed in the past five years. The future trends indicate as much, if not more, going forward. Leaders of the 21st century must be able to change at a pace never before experienced, and the differences in the approach required to be successful, are critical to achieve success.

HR is the critical facilitator of this.

Therefore, you as an HR professional, need to understand the steps to enable your organisation to get the best from your people and focus that on to critical deliverables. You also need to know the key HR initiatives that need to be present to enable this.

Too often, leadership is developed in a way that is over complex and thus difficult to transfer successfully to the workplace. Mach 2 leadership comprises just two simple steps that are proven to deliver success. The Mach 2 Masterclass is founded on significant academic and real world research, successful organisational examples and case studies.

What is Mach 2 leadership?

There are so many models of leadership out there – this is one that is really simple to understand. Mach 1 is related to the speed of sound. Mach 2 is twice the speed of sound. Most aircraft fly under Mach 1. The Concorde was the only civilian aircraft that flew under Mach 2 which goes to show that when you get things right, you can be at the leading edge. That is the ethos of Concorde, which ultimately was capable of flying faster, than most military jets, as a civilan plane.

This is the basis of my new approach to leadership – Mach 2 leadership (two simple steps to success) – in building effective, engaging, ethical and entrepreneurial leadership. The first step – Mach 1 – is about putting in place, the right leadership, to maximise your own performance and through that your people giving you maximum effort. Mach 2 is about ensuring that once you have that effort, that it’s applied to only the things that make the real difference in terms of driving performance. To do this, it helps leaders at all levels become more entrepreneurial by understanding the wider context of customer needs, the organisation and the world in which it operates. It makes clear that just understanding and doing your own job is no longer enough in the new world of organisations.

Curriculum Guide

Day One Core Structure : A look at the critical elements of Mach 2 leadership and how they work in practice – getting the best from people and then focusing it onto critical deliverables.

Day Two Core Structure : Consider the HR approaches that need to be in place to facilitate the effective delivery of Mach 2 at all levels across the organisation and in HR itself.

Day One Modules

Understanding the Leader’s Role in the 21st Century World of Work: What do you want from the day?; Your own experience of super performance; Why has the world of work significantly changed?; What challenges does this raise for you and your organisation?; Why success is now much more than just doing the job.

Mach 1 – Inspiring the Best in Everyone – Overview: You know the secret already – just leverage it!; How are you doing : self, team and organisation?; Managing yourself as the foundation for success; The three key performance levels of organisations; The business case – strategic and operational.

Mach 1 – Inspiring the Best in Everyone – Principles and Tools: Core success tools : leadership & delegation; The role of emotion; The line manager as key to success; Developing the next generation of leaders.

Mach 2 – Focusing the Best on What Delivers Success – An Overview: Success is more than functional expertise; Understanding the holistic picture – context, purpose, vision; Developing entrepreneurial leadership; Collaboration as key to success – doing your job isn’t enough; Challenges to implementation – changing behaviour. Action Planning – Own team, HR and organisation.

Day Two Modules

Assessing the Current HR Landscape – Inside and Out: What are the current critical HR elements in place?; How are they working ? Are they world class?; Do they align to organisational strategy and vision?; Are they an integrated system?; Where are the challenges and easy wins?.

Starting at the Top – Getting Top Leadership Engaged with HR: HR as the salesman of a compelling vision of success : Business case – rational; Personal case – emotional; Creating a cadre of senior leader champions for you; Route to high ROI; Gaining credibility at the top – less is more; Entrepreneurial leadership.

Talent, Leadership and Engagement. The Wider Picture – Embedding Success Across the Organisation: More than a talent pipeline – performance pipeline for all; Leveraging all your talent – even the ones you don’t know exist; Growing strategic leadership and operational leadership; Building an integrated and holistic system to deliver excellence; Keeping HR initiatives output focused, relevant and in demand; Spreading and embedding success – Mach 2 everywhere; Creating an entrepreneurial future focused mindset.

From Ideas into Action – Planning Your Next Steps: Action planning – personal, team and organisation; What are your challenges in making this happen?; Discussion with colleagues and coaching; Finalise action plans; Revisit days objectives; Summary – transforming your organisation and lives.

Key Deliverables Of This Masterclass

Case studies: Whilst there are case studies used in the Masterclass, including a UBS Harvard Case Study, Aston Martin, British Army and UK National Health Service, the main real life case study is the participants’ own job, team and organisation. The objective is to build an action plan during the Masterclass as the discussions progress, so that at the end, everyone leaves with a clear, simple and realistic set of actions they can implement immediately on their return to work to deliver success.

Peer coaching: As the Masterclass develops, you will all act as coaches for each other to help refine and develop the best possible action plan by the end of the course. You will all observe each other, helping each other enhance skills in this area.

Frameworks:The Masterclass will discuss the latest perspectives on a range of frameworks that you can use as reference points such as Maslow, Adair, Hersey & Blanchard, GROW and others. These will be delivered in a simple practical way so that you can use them immediately to work with colleagues and back at work.

Action plan: At the end of the event, you will all create an action plan that will specify actions you undertake to implement in the short, medium (6 – 12 months) and long term (+ 12 months) in three key areas :
1. to make yourself a better leader;
2. to improve team performance; and
3. to add value to the wider organisation.
In addition a “work /life balance” objective will be identified.


17 – 18 Nov | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Learning Objectives

This is a special opportunity to work with Chris Roebuck who has a unique and powerful perspective that helps individuals and organisations be successful through leadership as :
• He has successfully delivered leadership initiatives in major organisations to a high level. One is part of a Harvard Case Study;
• He is Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at the respected Cass Business School in London and so, knows key evidence for what delivers success;
• He is an ex military officer with personal experience of delivering excellence in even the toughest conditions; and
• He regularly discusses leadership success with some of the world’s leading CEOs who offer to be interviewed by him and whose insights he passes on.

By completing this prestigious programme, you will be able to, for yourself as an individual and for your organisation as HR professionals :
• Build and refine leadership skills for the current, not the past world of work;
• Leverage current knowledge significantly more effectively;
• Learn simple ideas and formats that can be immediately implemented which will significantly improve performance;
• Be able to focus that extra performance on what your organisations has as critical deliverables;
• Understand the supporting academic, psychological and business evidence to engage others;
• Develop both operational and strategic leadership understanding;
• Be able to leverage the whole organisation more effectively and thus service clients, customers or end users more effectively;
• Above all, become a better leader to inspire people so that they want to come to work and give their best, which will benefit you, your career and HR; and
• Create an HR strategy that will deliver all the above together with an understanding of the practical day to day actions by HR that make it possible.

Why Should You Attend this Course?

If you are looking for a traditional HR development programme, that will give you a handbook of academic models, discuss traditional theories and thinking, topped with an icing of the latest management fashions, then do not attend this programme.

The single objective of this programme is to enable you to rapidly increase the positive impact you have for yourself, in HR and across your organisation.

The focus is only on what actually delivers real world success, not theories about what should deliver real world success. It will be highly interactive, challenging (maybe provocative) and from feedback of previous participants, inspirational.

This programme is never delivered by trainers, consultants or others who have been given the materials to “relay” them to you. It is only ever delivered by Professor Chris Roebuck who personally developed the leading edge approaches in the Masterclass such as Mach 2 leadership that will help you develop and implement your strategy for success and the associated HR initiatives that underpin this.

Target Audience

From first line HR managers to Heads of HR and from construction to professional services, including the not for profit and public sector as well as those in private equity – any organisation which needs to deliver success through leaders and their teams and wants to have world class HR to make that possible.

Chris has been engaged (past and current) by many top organisations including :
Abbott, UK Government Prime Minister’s Office – Cabinet Office, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, GE Healthcare, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, London Underground, UK National Health Service, Maybank Malaysia, New York Institute of Management, Prudential, N M Rothschild, Rabobank, RBS Global Banking & Markets, Saudi American Bank, Thales, UBS.


A meal and light refreshments will be provided at this course. All participants will also get a signed copy of Chris Roebuck’s book, Lead to Succeed at the end.


Who has benefitted from Mach 2

To date, over 3000 business leaders have been introduced to the route to success Mach 2 Leadership enables. They have come from diverse organisations spread globally including audiences from international investment banks, US and UK law firms, logistics, transport, the UK National Health Service, the Myanmar Red Cross, Indian & UAE HR Directors, the Chinese Space Programme and a Chinese State financial corporation. Professional groups who’ve attended include CEOs, Finance, Marketing, IT, HR Directors and Chief Risk and Legal officers, professional Project Managers, Investment Managers and other professionals.

Optional Pre-Work

1.Complete pre event survey:
a. Own views – a summary of recent events and challenges to identify your objectives;
b. Line manager views – feedback from line manager to agree;
c. Suggested agreed areas of focus for the event and subsequent action.
2. Pre event self assessment – a 10 minute online Mach 2 self-assessment that provides a draft action plan.
3. Pre event reading – three articles designed to broaden knowledge about :-
a. Effective leadership in 21st century;
b. Current organisational challenges at strategic level; and
c. Holistic perspectives of organisational success.

Optional Post Masterclass

Peer network : as a participant, you will stay in touch with your colleagues for three months post-event to help each other implement your action plans using conference calls.
Action plan delivery report : each month for three months, you will complete a summary of how your action plan implementation is progressing using a simple system.
Alumni : an alumni group for your course will be set up so you can stay in touch and leverage each other’s knowledge and ideas in the future.
On-going coaching : for an additional fee, individual telephone-based coaching from Professor Chris Roebuck will be available for a period of six months to help you successfully implement your plans.

Training Grants – applicable to courses in Malaysia

Vertical Distinct Sdn Bhd is a PSMB (Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad) Approved Training Provider and the courses offered in Malaysia are HRDF (Human Resource Development Fund) claimable. For guidelines and details on how to submit your application or claims to the HRDF, please visit HRDF.

Important Note

1. Terms and conditions apply. Please visit Vertical Distinct for the full terms.
2. This course is brought to you in partnership with Chris Roebuck UK Limited.

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