HCI's Strategic HR Business Partner SHRBP Certification Course

HCI’s The Strategic HR Business Partner (sHRBP) (Online)

USD 2,795.00

Faculty Instructors: Sharma Kumari; Ron Thomas

A new HCI curriculum that helps you learn how to become a high impact, strategic partner to your clients. Register for this course.

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Course Information

Learn how to become a high impact, strategic business partner to your clients

• interactive sessions delivered online
• includes industry-recognised certification
• supports HRCI (HR Certification Institute)

Are you ready to work as a strategic, high-impact partner to your clients and make work better for people? Would you like to move from being reactive to proactive? To increase your credibility through business and financial acumen? To enhance collaboration with your clients and CoEs?To work as a trusted advisor?

HCI can help. Our research has determined the strategic mindsets and skillsets needed to advance your career and organisation.

We know the best practices of high-performing HR organisations and we’ve made it easy for you to incorporate them into your work. Our intensive certification program immerses you in a highly interactive, hands-on learning experience and equips you with processes and tools to put ideas into action. Best of all? You’ll be able to work on a real business challenge during class and consult with our expert facilitators and your colleagues.

The class prepares you to:
Work more strategically
• Approach your work with a strategic mindset that is collaborative, evidence-based,business-driven, and adaptable
• Make incremental changes to work more proactively
• Align talent strategy with business strategy and goals
• Speak the language of the business and understand the thought processes, goals, and strategies used to make business decisions
• Understand what it means to be strategic and how to act strategically
• Increase credibility and influence through the value that is added in every interaction

Demonstrate business and financial acumen
• Understand business and financial terminology and concepts
• Identify and communicate quantifiable benefits of talent initiatives
• Justify talent initiatives by demonstrating benefits and ROI

Use meaningful business analytics
• Use metrics that align with business objectives, even if data is housed across multiple databases/sources
• Communicate evidence-based insights to gain buy-in and drive change

Enhance your consulting skills
• Partner with business functions and consult to determine root causes
• Communicate the value of HR/talent initiatives through the lens of the business

Co-create solutions
• Collaborate with clients and CoEs to create talent management solutions that increase engagement, retention, development, and strategic talent acquisition efforts
• Use project management to collaborate with all stakeholders, enhance buy-in, and implement initiatives effectively

Manage change
• Understand the different phases of change, common objections to change, and how to lead others through change
• Drive change through people, measuring results, and making it sustainable

Measure progress
• Evaluate talent management outcomes with business metrics
• Scale solutions so that resources are used wisely and impacts are greater.


15 – 19 Nov
The online class will be delivered as such:
Class time: from 12.00 PM – 5.00 PM local time Kuala Lumpur
Class faculty: Sharma Kumari

11 – 15 Oct
The online class will be delivered as such:
Class time: from 12.00 PM – 5.00 PM local time Canberra
Class faculty: Ron Thomas


#1 Adopting a strategic mindset
• Understanding the Prepare/Partner/Perform framework
• Adopting a strategic mindset and skillset
• Assessing yourself on the strategic continuum
• Working through a strategic lens

#2 Analysing business data to create insights and guide decisions
• Understanding the importance of business data to HR
• Asking critical questions
• Identifying internal and external business factors
• Measuring business impact with business metrics

#3 Aligning overall talent strategy to business priorities and objectives
• Understanding HR’s pivotal position
• Aligning talent strategy to business strategy
• Increasing your relevance to business
• Describing multiple types of business strategies
• Varying talent management strategies according to business strategies
• Documenting priorities and measurements
• Communicating with the Talent Management Value Approach
• Aligning HR interventions with talent and business strategies


#1 Consulting with clients to determine issue and root causes
• Reviewing a day in the life of an HRBP
• Understanding consulting types: reactive vs. proactive
• Using a consulting model
• Creating a questioning strategy
• Determining root cause
• Collecting data and preparing insights
• Collaborating with partners
• Sharing findings with clients
• Developing recommendations
• Working with CoEs

#2 Creating solutions that drive impact and change
• Understanding your role as an HRBP
• Developing HR interventions throughout the talent management cycle
• Using the appropriate talent management solutions holistically
• Aligning business issues, talent issues, and solutions

#3 Communicating progress to gain champions and influence positive change
• Creating change through people
• HCI’s Change Management Model
• Understanding resistance to change
• Making the case for change
• Communicating about change


#1 Solving business issues by implementing solutions
• Recognising the need for project management
• Using different approaches to project management (agile vs. waterfall)
• Implementing a solution: four steps
• Addressing project management challenges

#2 Sustaining solutions by evaluating impact and iterating
• Measuring business outcomes
• Using the analytics value approach to create insights and take action
• Visualising data
• Use storytelling to drive key points
• Scaling solutions

#3 Action planning
• Determining what you can do immediately, in 30 days, in six months and in a year

Why HCI?

Human Capital Institute

HCI's Strategic HR Business Partner Certification Course

About (This certification-led programme is by the Human Capital Institute (HCI). The Human Capital Institute provides solutions that advance the practice of human capital and strategic talent management. A global clearinghouse and catalyst for new ideas and next practices HCI is a resource for the most progressive organisations and executives in the world).

Audience Profile(195, 000 HCI members worldwide; 18 % in emerging markets; 96 % of the Fortune 500; 77 % of the Inc 500; 52, 000 mid-sized firms; 726 colleges & universities; all major federal agencies and all brances of the military).

Online Talent Communities (world’s largest aggregator of open-source news, information and research at the intersection of human capital and business strategy; access to over 100, 000 articles, white papers and case studies; digital library of over 1,800 webcasts, podcasts and videos; daily feed of over 200 expert blogs).

HCI Alumni

HCI Alumni (Since 2005, over 8,500 progressive talent leaders have earned certifications from the Human Capital Institute and more than 1,000 have gone on to the Masters level programmes.)

Faculty (The course is delivered by a single approved faculty member. Faculty are assigned to teach classes in any number of locations. Changes to the schedule may arise from time to time and may result in changes to assigned faculty.)

Because strategic HR is not a role but away to work, this curriculum is suitable for any early- or mid-career professional who wants to increase credibility, influence,and impact. If you’d like to boost your business and financial acumen, analytics capabilities, consulting skills, and solution design and implementation, this class will help you.

If you are a specialist working in a Center of Expertise, the focus on business and financial acumen, as well as collaboration and co-creating solutions, will help you increase your value to clients and partners. sHRBP is also suitable for teams or functions transforming from tactical functional specialists to strategic, high-impact partners. Since the class focuses on solving a real business challenge, participants will leave with an action plan that they can immediately implement.


Exam Format(multiple choice exam; exam must be taken within six months of course completion – no extension of time will be given; exam consists of between 40-60 questions depending on which course is taken; pass score of 75%); up to three attempts provided to take the exam.

Certification (In order to receive your s-HRBP certification you must pass a test receiving a score of 75% or higher).

Recertification (each certification is valid for 3 year period; renewal is based on continuing education credits that demonstrate currency in the field; credits may be earned by attending HCI learning events, completing additional courses or through outside educational activities; the accumulation of 60 credits extends the certification for three additional years. For the Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) course only, you may attend an SWP Alumni Workshop and pass the exam in the last year of certification to recertify your SWP.

Once you register for a course, you will be signed up as a member on the HCI portal. You can refer to the “Education” tab of your online profile and download HCI’s Recertification Tracker which outlines the requirements for recertification credits.

General Specifications for Recertification : Length: 20 to 30-minute presentation; Format: A PowerPoint or similar slide-based presentation; Tool: A presentation delivered via Brainshark or similar tool that includes audio so that there is voice-over commentary on the slides; Evaluation: Submit finished product to HCI for final review).

Credits : Approved for 19.5 Business recertification credit hours towards PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute. SHRM has pre-approved this certification for 19.5 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) toward SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM certifications. The Human Capital Institute is recognised by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for courses named above.


This price is inclusive of the cost of taking the exam and a digital candidate manual.

Important Note

1. Terms and conditions apply. Please visit Vertical Distinct for the full terms.
2. This course is brought to you in partnership with the Human Capital Institute.

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