Certified Mentor Practitioner

Certified Mentor Practitioner (Level 1)

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Faculty Instructors: Doug Lawrence

Two day online course. This is Level 1 of the Certified Mentor Practitioner Programme, comprising 4 hours online classroom study per day . The International Certification for Mentoring provides for two levels of training on the path to becoming a Certified Mentor Practitioner. It is a combination of academic and practical experience. Register for this course.

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Course Information

Successful completion of Level 1 will result in a Foundation Certificate in Mentoring. Successful completion of both Levels will result in the professional designation as a Certified Mentor Practitioner. The curriculum and the certification are International Standards Organisation (ISO) compliant. The programme speaks to the Socratic Method, building trusted relationships and effective communication as tools that we all need. The material taught in the programme is transferable and can be applied in all areas of your life.

Five areas of study (Background to mentoring and the mentoring role; Understanding the mentoring relationship; Mentoring communication skills; Mentoring process; Ethical issues).

Background to mentoring and the mentoring role (1. Candidate will understand and be able to explain the mentor role and the benefits that can be achieved for the individual and the organisation : Define mentor role; define mentoring and its purpose in terms of organisational development, individual development and team development; Understand differences between coaching, mentoring and therapy; Describe why an organisation might wish to introduce a mentoring programme; Discuss who might be a suitable mentor and mentee; Explain the benefits/rewards of mentoring to stakeholders. 2. Appreciate the knowledge, skills and behaviour required by a Certified Mentor : List knowledge/skills of effective mentors).

Understanding the mentoring relationship (1. The candidate will be able to discuss and explain the characteristics of a good mentoring relationship and to identify potential learning benefits to the mentor and mentee : Define the relationships between the mentee and the mentor; Describe the learning benefits for the mentor; Describe learning benefits for the mentee; List the obligations of the mentor in a mentoring relationship, including what a mentee should expect of a mentor; List the obligations of the mentee in a mentoring relationship including what a mentor should expect from a mentee; Consider benefits of a learning contract or working agreement; 2. The candidate will be able to discuss and explain potential barriers to a successful relationship : Identify and explain the barriers that might prevent a successful relationship eg distractions, vocabulary, emotional baggage, cultural, poor listening, limited attention span etc).

Mentoring communication skills (The candidate will be able to identify and describe the communication skills required by a mentor : Define active listening skills: valuing silence, concentrating of what is being said, using attentive body language, paraphrasing or repeating back what has been said; Identify different types of questions: open, closed, multiple, leading and know how and when to use them; Define Feedback Skills and explain the difference between feedback and criticism; Describe how individual differences in age, sex, social/economic background, education, values and beliefs might influence the mentors communication style; Recognise Assertive, Passive and Aggressive language, body language and behaviour; Discuss how a mentor might adapt own behaviour and communication style to improve communication with the mentee).

Mentoring processes (1. The candidate will understand and be able to describe the mentoring process : Understand the importance of structuring a mentoring session in order to achieve goals; Explain how to prepare for a mentoring session; Explain the benefits of using a learning contract in formal mentoring situations; Explain the records that should be kept by mentor and mentee and why they are necessary; Explain why mentors should agree targets or goals and how to write a clear objective (eg using SMART); 2. The candidate will be able to structure and conduct a simulated mentoring session with a peer group member in a classroom situation : Plan and structure a mentoring session; Agree an agenda for the session with the mentee; Carry out a mentoring session ensuring that there is clarity about the purpose of the session, options are explored, decisions about course of action are agreed and goals are set; Obtain feedback on simulated mentoring session and review and reflect on the session).

Ethical issues (The candidate will understand the importance of an ethical code in mentoring. Review a mentoring code of ethics and be able to explain the following terms and describe the implication of the following on the mentoring relationship -Confidentiality – boundaries and breach of; Diversity, eg age, sex, ethnicity, sexuality etc; Different models of Equality; Values; Beliefs; Respect and Dignity).

Format (Online course only. It will run as a four-hour course per day over a consecutive two-day period on the dates listed.)

Time (9.00AM – 01.00PM MYT (Malaysia time) each day)


Dates (20 – 21 Sep or 15 – 16 Nov)

Assessment method (20 multiple choice questions; Pass mark is 70%; Exam time 30 mins)
Exam mode (online)
Exam details (On passing the exam, Acquiros will issue a certificate showing candidate as Certified Mentor Practitioner – Intern; There are further requirements to be fulfilled if pursuing Level 2).
Exam fees (The exam fees for this course are included in the course price. At present, the exam fees for webcam proctoring is USD175. Fees may increase and any increase in fees will need to be borne by the candidate. Candidates may check the Acquiros website for any updates on exam prices or other exam details.
Recommended (Candidates have the option between taking the exam via online proctoring with Acquiros or attending a recognised testing centre closest to them).

Certification by : Acquiros (formerly known as CSME (Certification Subject Matter Experts)

Acquiros is an official certification body that operates in accordance with international standards.

The accredited Mentor Training Programme has been recognised by the following organisations and qualifies for the Professional Development recognition : Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), British Columbia Human Resource Management Association (BC HRMA), The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) USA (Preferred Partner).


Target Audience

People who find themselves in an informal or formal mentoring relationship within the workplace and who wish to begin the process of gaining knowledge and skills to enable them to progress to Certification at Level 2. Particularly suitable for organisations that already have or are thinking of setting up mentoring schemes and require certification to ensure the highest standards and reputation.

You will learn

Completion of both Levels 1 and 2 will result in knowledge and understanding in these areas (The benefits of workplace mentoring to all stakeholders ; High level communication skills used in the context of mentoring ; Management of a productive mentoring relationship from drawing up a learning agreement to setting goals and reviewing achievements ; Ethical and professional issues). Completion of both Levels 1 and 2 will result in knowledge and understanding in these areas (The benefits of workplace mentoring to all stakeholders ; High level communication skills used in the context of mentoring ; Management of a productive mentoring relationship from drawing up a learning agreement to setting goals and reviewing achievements ; Ethical and professional issues).

Important Note

1. Entry pre-requirements (No academic prerequisites. A workbook comprising some pre-course work will be given prior to the start of the course – it will need to be completed prior to taking the course and submitted to Doug Lawrence for retention.)
2. Commitment (8 hours classroom tuition; 6 hours pre course reading and exercises)
3. Mentoring practice (Practice is a key part of the learning and assessment. Candidates must comply with this requirement to progress from Level 1 to Level 2 (10 hours). To obtain full Certified Mentor status, a further 20 hours will need to be undertaken).
4. Prerequisites to gaining entry to Level 2 (Attendance at Level 2 is only provided to candidates who have i) completed the workbook assignments; ii) completed the Level 1 programme; iii) passed the online exam thereafter; iv) completed 10 hours of mentoring and reflective commentary).
5. Re-certification is required every two years.
6. This course is brought to you in partnership with TalentC – People Services Inc.
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