Podcast – The Vertical Distinct Show

About the podcasts

Each episode features experts, leaders or practitioners in a myriad number of fields that we believe will be of interest to either of two audiences we cater to :

  • Human Resource professionals; or
  • Technology professionals.

These episodes may cover a wide range of material, provide a spotlight on a particular guest’s expertise or experience or it may be a deep dive into a particular topic, in which the featured guest is experienced in.

The aim of the podcasts
To share real-world experience and distill down some of the lessons learnt, little hacks, tools and tips that hopefully, you the listener, will find valuable for your career and interesting.

Featured guests

The Human Resources vertical podcast guests include: –

  • Stacey Kurzendorfer;
  • Elissa Farrow;
  • Irene Becker; and
  • Doug Lawrence.

The Technology vertical podcast guests include: –

  • Richard Ede; and
  • Ravi Venkat.


Show Notes, Links and Resources for All Episodes
(listings in each category below are from newest down to the oldest)


Vertical Distinct features Richard Ede on Software Testing : Mistakes to Avoid in the Fundamental Test Processes

Vertical Distinct features Ravi Venkat – What is Software Testing?


Human Resources

Vertical Distinct features Stacey Kurzendorfer on One of the Biggest Change Initiatives She Managed

Vertical Distinct features Elissa Farrow on What Does It Take To Deliver Successful Change Programmes?

Vertical Distinct features Doug Lawrence on The Power of Mentoring

Vertical Distinct features Irene Becker on The Way Forward for HR

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