New Platform helps Recruiters overcome Recruitment Barriers by Tapping into Passive Talent

Singapore based startup aims to solve SME and startup recruitment obstacles through an online social recruitment platform

Job Forward’s service is aimed at making it easier for recruiters to tap into unharnessed talent pools. By tapping into other social media networks, this increases the range of talent available in areas with low LinkedIn penetration as well as enables recruiters to reach passive job seekers. With 75 percent of professionals considering themselves “passive”, this presents a huge amount of potential to be gained by connecting with this talent pool.

Yoshi (Yoshiaki Ieda), CEO of JOB Forward, outlines more about this service.

Q: Where did the idea of Job Forward come from?

Yoshi : As the Regional Marketing Manager for Procter & Gamble, I was able to gain the global perspective and experience that allowed me to see a market opportunity—most of the job portals in existence were simply job listing sites. Once I saw this problem, my inherent passion for entrepreneurship drove me to create a clear agenda for bridging this opportunity between social media and online job recruitment.

Yoshiaki Ieda











Yoshiaki Ieda

The idea behind Job Forward is that it is a job distribution site that will tap into, not only the networks of active job seekers, but that of passive job seekers—those who might not know of better opportunities because they are not actively looking, but who would be interested if they saw a better position available.

I also realised that the online recruiting region in ASEAN is not as mature as that in the US and Japan. I saw opportunities to improve the market. As the startup ecosystem in Singapore is picking up, so is the need to have brilliant, innovative minds to run and support this. Job Forward seeks to leverage the growing trend of social media to revolutionise the way startups are finding these talents.

Q: What problem are you trying to solve?

Yoshi : Although there are many job search portals in the ASEAN region, they do not fully service a wide range of people.  Take, for instance, Indonesia. While there are a few million users there on platforms like Jobstreet and JobsDB, the majority of people in this country of 250 million, are not being provided for.

Thus, we see huge inefficiency for the job matching market and believe that we can help solve this problem.

by Lawrence Karal.

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