Do you know what talent want throughout their job search journey?

New LinkedIn survey reveals Malaysian professionals face more obstacles when changing jobs compared to global peers

Kuala Lumpur | In their 2016 Talent Trends study released on 13 July 2016, LinkedIn revealed the biggest roadblocks Malaysian candidates face when changing jobs. These include :

  • ‘not knowing what it is like to work at the company’ (44 percent);
  • being unclear of the employer’s expectations of the role (44 percent); and
  • a lack of response from the company after their application (41 percent).


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“Recruiters and employers need to know what talent want. They need to understand candidates’ motivations and aspirations, and use this knowledge to keep their star talent satisfied and engaged throughout the recruitment process,” said Feon Ang, Senior Director of Talent Solutions, Asia-Pacific and Japan, LinkedIn. “We initiated this study to discover exactly what talent want throughout their job search journey — and how recruiters and employers can exceed expectations every step of the way.”

LinkedIn's Talent Trends Study 2016 - What candidates want to know most about your company?

The biggest roadblocks candidates face when changing jobs

Compared to their global peers, Malaysian professionals place more interest in learning about company culture and values (71 percent) over perks and benefits (64 percent) and executive leadership (54 percent).

After hearing about the job, candidates don’t apply right away.

“It is surprising to have a vacuum of information despite communications and technology being so advanced today. The study shows that candidates are looking for specific information about a company. This calls for employers to refresh their employer branding content and ensure it is based on employees’ experiences with their company,” said Feon.

Where do you find candidates ?

Regardless of whether people are actively searching for jobs or, the study highlights that 95 percent of Malaysian professionals are interested in hearing about new job opportunities.

It begs the question where people first hear about new positions. Typically, it is through employees they know at the company (21 percent), followed by a staffing or headhunting firm (16 percent) and lastly, through a third party website or online job board (14 percent).

LinkedIn's Talent Trends Study 2016 - The top ways people land a new job

Upon learning about a job opportunity, most candidates will then learn more about the job through the company’s website (63 percent). The study also reveals that 58 percent of candidates choose to update their resumes as their next step. Some candidates are more likely to take action after reading an online article about the company (35 percent), while others talk to current employees about the job (31 percent).

LinkedIn's Talent Trends 2016 - Danna Klein - "I did what a lot of people do

Five ways for companies to reach out to the best talent in the industry

#1  Provide a candid perspective
Show a real picture of the company’s culture and working environment instead of the typical company profile.

Whether or not someone is an active or passive candidate, they want to know about your open jobs.

#2 Let employees be heard
Testimonials should come from employees – not marketing gloss.
Real people, real jobs.

#3 Talk about your differentiating factor
Share what makes the company different from its competitors and why a potential candidate should apply for the position.

#4 Outline your company’s vision and strategy
Be willing to share information about the strategy, vision and ambitions of the company.
This is not about headlines but about details. Talk about how you will achieve your ambition and vision.

#5 Be specific about the location
Tell people the little details that make the difference.
Things like the location of the job, whether parking is a challenge or whether public transport is a viable option.


What do you think? Feel free to drop your comments in the section below. Download LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends Report or the 2016 Malaysia Talent Trends Report.


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About ‘2016 Talent Trends’ Study by LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s 2016 Talent Trends Study is their third annual Talent Trends report, completely redesigned to explore how talent approaches the job search journey from start to hire. Around 30,000 professionals were surveyed to better understand 33,000 LinkedIn members in terms of how they look for a job and what it takes to make the jump from one company to another. With this data, the report hopes to provide a blueprint for organisations, employers and recruiters to successfully attract, engage and hire within the modern and dynamic talent pool. LinkedIn surveyed 626 members in Malaysia between January and March of 2016, and an additional 153 members in Malaysia who changed companies between February and March of 2016.

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