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Vertical Distinct Curriculum GuideOur courses are currently divided into two verticals – Human Resources and Technology – and you can switch between them through the link at the top right of each page.

All our certification-led courses are internationally recognised and run by appropriately accredited experts. Our faculty members have both extensive teaching experience and specific industry expertise. This means that they are able to provide you with the latest knowledge and information that has practical commercial application. If we don’t currently offer a course you would like to see, then please let us know and we can look at adding it to our list.




[take_me_to link=”https://verticaldistinct.com/human-resource/hr-courses/hr-certification-led-courses/” title=”HR certification-led courses” link2=”https://verticaldistinct.com/human-resource/hr-courses/hr-professional-development-courses/” title2=”HR professional development courses”]


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