“If as an HR professional, you aspire to sit at the strategy table, you will find no better way to get there than reading every article in every issue of Accelerate Magazine. ”

Dr Mark Goulston, author of “Just Listen”, the top book on listening in the world.

“Accelerate, in it’s new avatar, brings together all that is great about HR Matters – intellectual depth, range of views, expert commentaries, immensely readable essays and of course, powerful visuals that bring life to stories expressed in the magazine. I wish team Accelerate the very best in their endeavor to redefine standards and push boundaries. Here’s to many more! ”

Subramanian Kalpathi
Consultant at People Business

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Jambaya on 17 May
Be More Risk Aware

Great article Jonathan. Unethical acts either black swan or recurrent stem from similar roots.. assuming it could never happen to us and perpetrators believing they […]

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