HR supporting and leading during COVID-19

HR supporting and leading during COVID-19 – Terrence Seamon

In this article series, I ask HR senior managers and leaders to discuss ideas on supporting and leading during COVID-19.

Featured guest contribution by Terrence Seamon

What role should HR play to manage the COVID-19 issue unfolding and to lead the way?
Terrence: HR should be providing leadership especially via communication and reassuring employees.

What should form the core parts of the HR plan?
Terrence: The Employee Communication part of HR is key, listening to employee concerns, but also funnelling expert information and advice from outside resources.

In balancing the needs and rights of both employee and employer in managing a crisis, what are prime considerations for HR?
Terrence: The prime consideration of HR should be maintaining everyone’s focus and morale so that productivity is maintained through the crisis.

Can you provide suggestions on the communication strategy and pitfalls to avoid?
Terrence: The key to communication is to keep the drum beat constant. Any lull can be an invitation for the rumour mill to take over.

What actions can HR take to support the organisation for business operation continuity?
Terrence: The best thing HR can do for business operation continuity is to not lose sight of the business strategy, the goals, and the priorities.

Terrence SeamonTerrence H Seamon is an Executive Career Transition Consultant at the Ayers Group based in New Jersey, USA. He helps executives and professionals galvanise their job searches and career transitions. Read the background behind this article series and other featured contributions.

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