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A Marketing Partner Programme
helping trainers sell their programmes through our platform

Would you like to explore a sales and marketing opportunity that augments your current efforts in selling your training programmes?
If so, we may have the perfect solution for you.

Vertical Distinct offers a range of highly targeted and specialised (both certification-led and professional development) courses to two distinct audiences globally – Human Resource and Technology professionals. If you have programmes that are suited to either audience, we are well positioned to help you drive awareness  and sales of your training programmes.

Zero risk + no upfront fees.

The Marketing Partner Programme allows you to tap into our network and expertise to help you drive sales, whether your training programmes are offered nationally or globally.

Who Is The Audience You Can Reach Out To?

  • Technology professionals including those who work in software testing, governance, wireless, agile and scrum, cloud computing, health IT, enterprise architecture and much more;
  • Human Resource professionals including those who work in learning and development, talent mobility, strategic HR, workforce planning, rewards, leadership and much more; and
  • middle managers.

Where Does The Audience You Can Reach Out To  Reside?

  • Asia Pacific including Malaysia, Singapore, India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Brunei, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Middle East including UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Jordan.
  • The Americas including the US, Canada and Central America.
  • Europe including the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria and Russia.
  • Africa including South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana.

The Types of Training Programmes You Can Offer

  • certification-led or professional development courses;
  • ranging from one day to five day programmes;
  • instructor-led or online delivery formats;
  • any programme that might be of interest and relevance to either Technology or Human Resource professionals.

What Timeframe Should You Allocate to Marketing? 

  • Ideally, the minimum time frame is six months;
  • Programmes can still be advertised up to minimum of 4 weeks prior to event date.

Why You Should Let Us Help You Sell Your Courses


This is a full service marketing platform. As an independent publishing platform, Vertical Distinct publishes technology and human resource articles, interviews, commentary and news almost daily. All your courses will actively marketed through the website and via social platforms.

1.There is very little effort on your part and potentially significant gain from this partnership;

2.You spend $0 to be involved in this programme;

3.You pay a commission fee to us only on the sale of a seat at your course/s;

4.As we have our own platform and marketing and sales channels, there is a clear and distinct way of identifying the interest gained in your courses that are derived from our efforts;

5.You don’t have time to grow your list or are limited by your marketing effort due to time and budget;

6.You’d like to expand beyond your national footprint in a cost-effective and conservative manner;

7.You’re too busy, moving from delivering one training programme to the next.



4 Things You Need That We Can Offer


The audience you seek – a growing list of Technology and HR professionals who engage with our brand through the articles, podcasts, whitepapers and news we publish almost daily. 93,000 unique visitors/195,000 pageviews *


3D elevation Bar Graph

End to end marketing and sales provision – we are not an event listing site. We help you sell.


Customer Service

Customer service – we provide the necessary support to potential clients to get them the information they need and help them decide on the value your course brings.


Content Marketing

Two-pronged effective content marketing strategy that provides educational value in the content provided and brand awareness in the courses we bring to market.





What Type of Courses Should You Partner With Us On?

These are some of the subject matter areas that we support, both in terms of articles and training programmes.
You are not limited, however, to these subject matter areas – simply consider whether your course appeals to either the Technology or HR professional.

Array Of Courses



Apply Now 

Shoot an email to hello@verticaldistinct.com with questions or apply now to be considered.


Headline image courtesy Curious Bino@unsplash.com. Jump image courtesy Henri Snijders@freeimages.com.
* Based on the period May – October 2015.





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