First-of-its-kind digital health hub launched in Malaysia

Microsoft Malaysia and CREST enabling healthcare innovation

Kuala Lumpur  | Microsoft Malaysia (Microsoft) and CREST (Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science & Technology) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 17 August 2016, for a long term engagement to drive connected healthcare innovation in Malaysia.

A digital health hub

Entailing the creation of the CREST-Microsoft Health Innovation Hub (it will be fully operational September 2016), the collaboration is a first-of-its kind digital health hub which will provide complete, end-to-end services for developers, start-ups and researchers looking to co-innovate and co-sell their solutions, all within the category of health.

With the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to take health measurements, care givers can monitor patients beyond hospitals and clinics.

The hub will focus on five core virtual health scenarios :

  • telehealth;
  • smart access;
  • remote patient monitoring;
  • drug adherence; and corporate wellness.


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Raising overall quality of care

With the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to take health measurements, caregivers can monitor patients beyond hospitals and clinics. Cloud-based analysis of the data can identify when measurements surpass acceptable thresholds so caregivers can contact patients to take corrective action before problems become serious enough to require hospitalisation.

Services provided in the CREST-Microsoft Health Innovation Hub will enable interested parties to build on such scenarios by having access to CREST’s IoT Cloud Data Centre (ICDC) Research Lab for prototype development, solution trials, and product demonstrations.

They will also be provided with training on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, including IoT and Advanced Analytics and Cognitive Services while being able to obtain access to industry partners such as biomedical multinationals, hospitals and clinics, as well as venture capitalists and small and medium enterprises.

Additionally, there will be ongoing hackathons, medical devices boot camps, as well as innovation events which individuals and organisations can leverage.

The CREST Connected Healthcare Cluster (CHC) initiative

Formed in April 2014, the CREST Connected Healthcare Cluster (CHC) focuses on the application of wearable embedded systems, Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices technology and the successful commercialisation of healthcare products, solutions and services by the Electrical & Electronic industry. Led by various technology industry companies and supported by academia and government, flexible wearable embedded systems and connected devices are poised to advance Malaysia’s healthcare industry.


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Headline image (L to R) : Dr Mohd Nor Azmi Alias (Senior Vice President Research Management, CREST), Jaffri Ibrahim (CEO, CREST), Dr Wong Chee Piau (Lead of Telemedicine Cluster, Monash University), K Raman (Managing Director, Microsoft Malaysia) and Callum Bir (Director, Health, Microsoft Asia Pacific).

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