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John Sumser is the principal analyst at KeyInterval Research and the Founder and Managing Editor of HRexaminer.com.

  • 2k Twitter followers;
  • based in California, USA;
  • also wrote Top100influencers.com;
  • The HR Examiner is an online magazine focused on the people, technology, ideas and careers of senior leaders in Human Resources and Human Capital;
  • also the principal of Two Colour Hat, where he advises Human Resources, Recruitment departments and Talent Management teams with product analysis, market segmentation, positioning and branding guidance.

John Sumser










John Sumser

“At HRExaminer, we try to capture the edge of HR practice. We work in the place where changing communications techniques, changing social norms and changing technologies are shaping the HR landscape. There are 40 seasoned HR leaders who provide insight on a routine basis. They are the heart of the HRExaminer.”

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