Expert tactical guidance on ethical hacking and penetration testing

The Ethical Hacker and Penetration Tester Tactical Bootcamp
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This course will help you to not only shore up your defence but get on the offensive in your fight against cyber attacks. Penetration testing is only one aspect of what organisations can do as part of a vulnerability management plan. Take this course to learn the critical items to include in your penetration testing activities.

 A good penetration test looks at every possible flaw that could be used to gain access to data or systems or that could be used as a foothold for further attacks.
Daniel Cuthbert, penetration tester and Chief Operating Officer at SensePost.

What’s in the course?

Fundamentals of IT Security and Penetration Testing (Pentesting)
Since you may come from different backgrounds and skill levels, this module presents the baseline knowledge needed. You will cover topics like the fundamentals of IT security and different pentesting types and steps.

Scanning, Attacks and Post Attacks
This module will cover technique as well as proof of concept in attacking.

Application and Web Application Attacks
This module covers application attacks and how to deal with web application vulnerabilities.

Other Attacks/PenTesting Vectors
This module explores how attacks can result from other  IT infrastructure.

PenTesting Challenge/Simulation (Optional)
Finally, a simulation exercise!

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