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Driving Employee Engagement

What is employee engagement? How can it benefit your business? Let’s look at the basics of how you can boost morale in the workplace and get more productivity from your workforce.

Employee engagement is essentially how motivated your employees are – different approaches to how you run your workplace will yield different results, some good, some bad. With this in mind, understand that the things that can affect your employees’ focus vary. Some of these include :

  • providing employees with fulfilling jobs – so they feel a sense of progress when a task is completed;
  • getting them involved in decision-making. This can give employees a feeling that they are important to the direction of the company and could provide them the satisfaction they need to go the extra mile on certain tasks;
  • listening to employees – this can be difficult to implement, as we all know it is difficult to please everyone. However, it can still be effective for managers to ensure they listen to the ideas of employees, even those in the lower ranks. This doesn’t mean they have to be implemented but listening to these ideas will ensure they feel like they are assets in their company;
  • demonstrating a concern for your employee’s health and wellbeing, reinforcing that you don’t see your employees as replaceable.

It is important that you have good communication with your employees. Talking to someone and listening to their opinions is far more beneficial to both parties than it is to just give orders. Furthermore, help your employees to draw the connection between the work they do and how it fits in with the business as a whole.

When an employee is engaged, there is an increase in focus and they go the extra mile on tasks set.

A feeling of wellbeing is part and parcel of how an employee feels engaged. This feeling of wellbeing can be maintained by checking in on your employees regularly, paying attention to the cleanliness and safety of the workplace and enforcing basic health and safety rules. This can easily be sidelined when work intensifies at peak periods. Showing consideration for your workforce has been proven to improve the results yielded by employees. When an employee is engaged, there is an increase in focus and they go the extra mile on tasks set.

Engagement can also be measured through employee surveys. Tailor the questions asked before sending it out so that you are clear about the information you seek. If you feel capable of organising your own survey, do so but there are also companies like Employee Feedback who can offer help with your staff engagement survey.

Give people room to grow and the chance to follow their passion.

Finally, create a atmosphere at work where people want to come to work and want to be involved. Keep the office open and friendly, perhaps dedicate a corner for relaxation or play – this gives them time to recharge and creates a bit of a buzz in the office.

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Give people room to grow and the chance to follow their passion. Too often, when companies are driven by profit, the ones who suffer are their people. Follow these tips and you can expect to create a friendly, happy work environment that your employees will enjoy.

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