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Digital transformation sabotage

Six easy reminders to avoid DTS

So, you are transforming digitally? Great! Yes, you are different and most organisations differ. However, the pitfalls of a digital transformation endeavour are similar, if not the same, for many organisations, regardless of the type of business it is:

  1. Myopia

Be laser focused on the big picture and filter out all complexity. Ensure you see clearly the end result and that everyone’s vision in the organisation is equally clear.

  1. Underestimation

The project requires your full-time attention. Do not assign part-time managers and teams who must, in addition, continue to execute on another full-time job.

  1. Nostalgic patchwork

This is about trying to attach old habits, processes, systems (or parts of these) to new requirements and systems. Occasionally, this may make sense. However, you must question all existing habits, processes and systems.

  1. Infrastructure fracture

Ensure that all tools are adequate and up to the job at hand and that everyone involved has the right tools and resources necessary to execute against the deliverable. Inadequate tools will slow down people, processes and performance.

  1. Awesome communication

The power of clear, accurate and directional communication cannot be underestimated. Communicate fiercely by using all channels. Communicate progress and create an intuitive roadmap as an iconic imperative for organisational success: the roadmap must show dynamically and timely progress using the simple ABC’s of good communication: Accuracy, Brevity, Clarity.

  1. People 2 people power

Training is crucial and investment in it must be a top priority. Training adds both cultural and technical consistency to the evolutionary awareness while delivering skills and knowledge necessary to be sustainably successful. Naturally, throughout the process (which is a change process of the highest level), ensure that you train, coach, job shadow the right key users, who in turn, will become the true evangelists of the digital transformation!

Recognising the importance of the above is powerful assurance that nothing and no one will sabotage – most often unintentionally –  the transformation from the inside, thus transforming bad DTS (Digital Transformation Sabotage) to good DTS (Digital Transformation Success).

Enjoy the Transformation and Thrive!


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