Comparing two cloud security qualifications

A look at two internationally accredited vendor-neutral certification programmes

While there are a number of courses you can take in the area of cloud security, this post is specifically a comparison between the Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) and Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification-led courses.

The cloud infrastructure and platform market, in general, generates roughly $21 billion in revenue and is expected to grow by nearly 20 percent, year after year, to $43 billion by 2018. This is according to Tom’s IT Pro article, Best Cloud Computing Certifications For 2016.



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The CCSK is an offering from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) while the CCSP is a collaborative effort by (ISC)2 with the CSA. The CCSP is relatively new to market and is intended for professionals who are heavily involved in cloud security. It is generally argued that the typical cloud security professional will obtain the CCSK before the CCSP credentials since the latter builds off the CCSK.

This comparison, in an infographic format, takes a look at the Body of Knowledge covered, the market value of each certification, details about taking the examination, the sort of experience needed and what you need to do to maintain the qualification. The infographic was developed by Peter van Eijk, an accredited trainer and consultant on the management of cloud computing and other digital infrastructures. A speaker and writer, Peter is also a faculty member of ours, delivering the CCSK and Cloud Technology Associate (CTA) certification-led courses.

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