5 Social Media Recruitment Strategy Improvements You Should Implement

The rise of social media doesn’t just affect personal lives anymore. Job hunters and recruiters are also turning to social media for opportunities. And further, it’s working.

Social media recruiting is when companies and employers use social media platforms to find talent and applicants.

Currently, millions of companies are using social media to hire. Moreover, experts believe that 2020 is the year of social media expertise as well. These platforms not only help employers find candidates, but they help promote companies, too.

Though it can be hard to keep up with these quickly progressing platforms, there are some strategy improvements to keep in mind.

Optimise Platforms

One of the first steps you take when recruiting on social media is making sure all your platforms are up to date. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or others, you will want to have a clean, consolidated layout.

Having a user-friendly interface is crucial, too. You won’t want anyone clicking away because of a confusing format.

LinkedIn is a prime resource for hiring and finding candidates’ profiles and experience. Twitter works well for engaging with candidates. And Facebook provides a platform for career groups and pages.

Having all three and more is a good place to start. But these pages must be current with your company’s information. From the bios to the aesthetics, keep it uniform and easy to navigate.

This step will help draw people to your pages and keep them engaged.

Employee Engagement

A great way to receive more applications is through more advertising. If your coworkers or employees promote the job opening or opportunity on social media, chances are more applications will come in.

Additionally, employees can use social media pages to post about company culture and work life. When candidates see honest and friendly posts, it can help them feel more at ease in the application process.

You can also look into an employee referral programme to increase employee engagement. With an incentive of some form, employees engage more to reach out and refer other people for the job. Social media will help advertising and communication during the referral process.

Application Process

Don’t overlook the application process. You will want to ensure that applicants have a smooth overall experience while applying. And if you implement direct links, applicants can apply right from your social media pages.

When an application is straightforward and simple, more people will apply and thus, you will have a larger candidate pool.

Don’t forget, mobile is mandatory. Since many people use social media apps right from their phones for job hunting, having mobile-friendly versions of your application and website is essential. This form of accessibility will also increase interested applicants.

Hiring and Onboarding

The next step after recruiting is the interview process. Interviewing takes that step from engaging on social media to communicating on the phone. Your company’s representatives should reach out during this time, providing a direct and personal approach.

Once you hire an applicant, they go through the training and onboarding process, helping them ease into their new role.

While this may not directly involve social media, there is still a social aspect to it. As the new employee adjusts to their role, there can be internal social networks that let employees and coworkers share and communicate.

Overall, this strategy should be easy, straightforward and explain expectations and rules.

Results and Feedback

Lastly, you should analyse your traffic and feedback from your social media. Almost all social media platforms have tools for business that you can use. These analytics show traffic, demographics, engagement and more.

From here, you can see what’s working, what’s not and what you can take to the next level. Additionally, it’s important to listen to applicant feedback, whether hired or not. Listening to this feedback will help agents understand what needs improvement and how the company can make the hiring process better.

With these improvements to your social media strategies, you will see more engagement and applicants, taking your company to the next level.

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