5 HR Tech Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss

5 HR Tech Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss

HR tech conferences expose attendees to new, fascinating ideas and products as they mingle with peers. Here are seven of the top options.

When I started my career as a technology/productivity writer, I didn’t envision it’d bring about an opportunity to attend the 2018 Think Conference as an IBM partner. I started small and wrote about things that interested me.

However, one of the advantages of focusing on the tech sector in my writing is that it’s always changing. Soon, I explored topics I thought would catch the attention of other bloggers. That led to me expanding my brand by getting increasing opportunities to write for publications other than my blog, Productivity Bytes.

The gradual growth of my brand that happened as a result of my published pieces was one of the primary things that led to IBM inviting me to attend Think 2018 as a VIP Social Media Influencer.

Overall, the experience was unforgettable and immensely valuable. It substantially increased the size of my professional network by presenting chances to interact with people I might not otherwise meet. Plus, it was fascinating to see demonstrations of all the new tech products and services on the horizon.

Seeing what’s ahead in the industry only solidified my certainty that the tech industry provides an endless assortment of things to learn and write about that spark my curiosity, as well as that of my readers. I highly recommend attending IBM’s Think conference in 2019, or checking out one of the HR tech conferences on this list to propel your career forward.

What Is a Technology Conference?

Conferences of all types bring like-minded people together to share ideas, learn from each other and hear from some of an industry’s top experts. Tech conferences offer all those benefits, but they often have product demonstrations that show how you could apply technology to your work to streamline steps and improve productivity.

As a human resources professional, you might learn about HR management tools that allows automating parts of your workflow. Or, you might get the chance to sit down over coffee with a hiring manager who regularly uses artificial intelligence to speed up the candidate screening process and wants to explain its benefits.

Without the new things you can learn at a technology conference, you might keep taking care of tasks with the same methods you’ve used for years. However, those techniques are often outdated and unnecessarily slow.

Tech Conferences Help Minimize Fear of the Unknown

Humans naturally resist change. We keep taking the approaches that feel the most comfortable, even if they’re not the optimal choices. People are often scared of things they don’t understand, and that reality makes some HR professionals resist incorporating more technologies into their workflows.

Attending a tech conference that features options for people in the human resources industry allows you to get exposure to new apps, platforms and tools that could help you work more effectively than ever. Moreover, you’ll speak to individuals who are actively using those things in their day-to-day duties, thereby getting ideas for how to use them yourself.

There are countless ways to incorporate technology into your HR career, and there’s no need to steer clear of them just because they aren’t yet familiar. Tech conferences bring that essential element of familiarity and facilitate an understanding of why it’s valuable to have a healthy relationship with technology, instead of fearing it.

Now you know why and how HR tech conferences could enhance your daily duties and your career at large, let’s take a closer look at HR tech conferences to add to your calendar.

1. The HR Technology Conference and Expo

This gathering happens every autumn in Las Vegas. If you love planning things early, one helpful thing about this event is that the organizers have published future dates for the conference through 2022. The conference is one of the largest independent options available to you, meaning it could be excellent for showing an overall picture of what’s happening in HR tech.

Some of the things on the agenda for the 2018 event — which happened in mid-September —included keynote addresses from world-class speakers and educational seminars that let attendees grow their skills. The conference venue also featured a substantial marketplace for people to directly interact with vendors and get details about products.

People working hard for more gender equality in the tech sector undoubtedly appreciated a 2018 series of events called Women in HR Technology. It allowed people from various companies to come together and show how they’re serious about promoting equal opportunities regardless of gender.

Plus, you can think of the conference as a gigantic town hall meeting that lets you mingle with other industry professionals. Learn from them, and come prepared to share experiences you’ve had in your line of work.

To get an idea of pricing for future years, consider tickets for the full 2018 event started at USD$1,645. People could also buy day passes or expo-only tickets at less expensive rates.

2. The CIPD Festival of Work

Formerly known as the CIPD HR Software Show, this event happens in London from June 12 to 13, 2019 in the Grand Hall at the Olympia Exhibition Centre. The event’s premise is that various technologies, including artificial intelligence and automation, are already disrupting the ways people work, and now is the time to get acquainted with what the future looks like.

Wondering what to expect from the event? Get ready to interact with an anticipated 7,000 fellow visitors and have the chance to hear more than 130 inspiring speakers.

This festival will also feature three distinctive conferences focusing on several topic streams: Learning & Development, HR Technology and Future of Work. IBM’s Think 2018 conference was similar because it offered several campuses people could explore to cater to their needs and interests.

You can stroll through an exhibition hall featuring more than 250 companies, too. The event’s website reports the majority of exhibitor slots are already full, which indicates the strong early interest in this event that’s sure to foster learning.

The website doesn’t include pricing details yet. However, you can register your interest in attending now and be among the first to get updates about the festival, including how to buy tickets.

3. HR Tech Summit-Toronto

The HR Tech Summit is an annual event that happens in various international cities each year. For example, one 2018 event occurred in September in Sydney, and another occurred at the Toronto Congress Centre on June 26 and 27.

Expect to join approximately 1,500 other professionals while getting engaged in events ranging from talks by thought leaders to workshops that give you useful takeaways. The event layout even includes a Tech Demo Stage. Plan on spending time there if you prefer seeing product features in real time, instead of reading through bullet points on a spec sheet.

Blockchain technology and machine learning are two of the many topics covered during the event. You can get further details about the agenda when the event organizers publish it, which will happen by January 2019.

Do you love supporting emerging businesses and their aims? If so, block out some time on your schedule to spend time at the Tech Den while attending the HR Tech Summit — assuming it comes back to the Toronto edition this year. The Tech Den was a part of the event that allowed representatives from tech startups in Toronto to pitch their business plans to investors.

This conference could be a place where you learn about the biggest apps and services of the future before others do. Be sure to keep checking back with the website regularly to find out the latest updates about tickets and how to buy them.

4. Beyond HR Forum

This event is primarily a gathering intended for chief human resources officers. So, if you are one, or that’s a career goal of yours, the Beyond HR Forum could make you feel in your element and among people who are on your wavelength.

The 2018 event sold out, and the 2019 edition will take place from June 20 to 21 in Amsterdam. It aims to explore how future workplaces will impact society, both through technology and other means. Moreover, it delves into tailored topics, such as how to maintain a human element of HR work while harnessing tech tools and otherwise keeping pace with future developments.

You can also take master classes about online talent pools, using artificial intelligence to improve employee experiences and more.

Registration is open now for 2019, and you can take advantage of an early-bird rate of €895 for the full event. If you’re not ready to commit yet, return to the website often to get other information about different pricing tiers as they become available.


5. HR TechXpo

This event comes from the team behind the HR West conference, a known flagship event for HR experts. It’s a spinoff of that event, which has a history of more than three decades and attracts people most interested in finding out about the ways technology solves problems in the human resources sector and helps people work at their best.

Keep in mind, though, the 2018 event already happened during one day in late August, and the organizers haven’t published details about a conference for 2019. But, if you’d love to spend some time in San Francisco for professional development purposes, it’s worth your while to keep this event on your radar for next year.

This year’s event featured a low-pressure environment where attendees tested out technologies without getting subjected to hard-sell pitches. They also interacted with people representing all levels of HR tech, from promising startups to well-established industry leaders.

It’s too soon to say whether the 2019 version will be another brief, but highly educational, event, or may extend longer than one day. In any case, you can arrive ready to learn and know you’re entering an environment suited for soaking up knowledge.

Immerse Yourself in the Best of HR Tech

One of the most exciting things about conferences is that they let you meet people, learn from seasoned experts, test products, ask questions while talking to vendors and more. So, if you attend a gathering related to HR tech, you’re giving yourself countless chances to learn and grow as an inquisitive professional.


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