You Set The Price on the Course You Want

You decide what price you pay for any of the globally recognised IT certification-led courses we offer !

Key Takeaway

Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. This is a limited-time offer because we know how hard it is to do more with less.  Take action and book now!

Yes, that’s right. Over the next three months, you set the price on any course we offer.

Why are we doing this?

Honestly, isn’t the fact that you’re going to spend so much less –  for so much more –  reason enough? Well, we’re doing this because we’re always reviewing our courses to see how you feel about them. This is an opportunity for us to see what courses we’re spot on about and what needs to be taken off the shelf.

Hey, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to get your team trained on things you care about and get massive value.

Go on! Take the world’s best certification courses now.

Feel the awesome-ness yet?

So, why don’t you take this time to quickly check if any of our courses fit in with your plans. Then make us an offer. There’s over 30 courses to choose from from either Human Resources or Technology. Simply choose from the domains below to access the individual course offerings.


Technology Domains
Tech Domain - Audit Security Governance Tech Domain - Change Management Tech Domain - Cloud Security
Audit, Security,
Governance & Risk
Change Management Cloud Security
Tech Domain - Enterprise Architecture Tech Domain - ITIL Tech Domain - Kanban
Enterprise Architecture
ITIL® Kanban
Tech Domain - CPHIT Tech Domain - Scrum Tech Domain - Agile
Health IT
Scrum Agile
Tech Domain - Software Testing Tech Domain - Security Tech Domain - Finance
Software Testing Security Finance
Tech Domain - Leadership Tech Domain - Data Management
Leadership Data Management

Human Resource Domains

Certified Mentor Practitioner The Language Of Effective Presentations comptia-cloud-essentials1
Mentoring Communication Engagement

Our 100% commitment

  1. Any offer you make shall be seriously considered so long as it is a little profitable for us – no matter how small; and
  2. We do not compromise on the quality or  delivery of our courses.

Specialisations across Human Resources, Technology, Business and more.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

What you need to consider

  1. We are not a non-profit. This means we’re relying on your good sense to make us a serious offer – one that will not be rejected outright.
  2. All the courses we offer are individually selected because they are in high demand, internationally accredited and provide tremendous value.
  3. All the courses are delivered by accredited faculty members who combine many years of professional expertise and industry experience.

You’ve decided to go for it, what’s the next step?

  1. Complete and submit the form below which will be considered a booking.
  2. We will get back to you with an outcome within 3 business days.
  3. Please ensure all fields in the form are fully completed in order for us to respond to you.

Learn Develop Success

If you’ve got any questions, give me a shout at +603 7948 5241 or [email protected]. If you think this is awesome, others might too  ( so share this via the social buttons below) !

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Offer form - You set the price

Use this form to make an offer. Set the price on the course you want. Terms apply.
  • Tell us which course/s you are interested to book.
  • Indicate the total amount in USD that you're willing to pay to have this course brought inhouse.
  • Indicate any further information you consider relevant to support your proposal. If you have selected more than one course above, please indicate here the individual USD amounts you would pay for each course.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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