Become a Proven Successful HR Business Partner

Do you want to be recognised as an outstanding Strategic Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP)?

Do you know what it takes to become a really successful one? Do you also lack sufficient understanding of the other areas of the organisation such as  finance, IT or marketing?

If you want to move from a HR generalist role to that of HRBP, you need to have new skills and abilities.

It’s not the way HR functions, it’s the way HR behaves.

So what makes you a successful strategic HR Business Partner?

  • you have successfully changed your mindset so that you view your focus as that of strategic partner and then you align your activities to support this;
  • you are less of a generalist because you take on a more consultative approach – less compliance and administration and more strategic impact;
  • you are anchored by an in-depth understanding of the business you are in;
  • you are proactive and business driven, advising leadership on how human capital management can support the larger goals and initiatives of the business;
  • you understand the other parts of the business and how these add value and interact with HR;
  • your key competencies are strategic thinking, influential and politically savvy, armed with  business knowledge, able to deliver against targets and possessing leadership ability.

Now, consider this:

“If the business partner structure is not in place in your business, it does not mean you cannot gain the exposure and influence to fill that experience gap or that you have to leave your current employer to find one where you can become a business partner.”
Jo Faragher in the PersonnelToday article, How to become an HR Business Partner.

You want to build and strengthen a whole new set of competencies, some of which relate to talent and some which relate to business so that you deliver results that matter.

Let us help you do this.

The prestigious Human Capital Institute’s Strategic HR Business Partner certification is designed to help you get there, by addressing the areas you need to strengthen, in order to become a proven and successful HR business partner. This three day programme is one of the hottest, most effective programmes for a critical new breed of Talent Advisors.


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What then are the challenges you need to address to become a proven and successful HR Business Partner?

Challenge #1 You’ve got to show clear and demonstrable financial and analytic capability

The SHRBP addresses this challenge by building on three important pillars here :

  • Pillar #1 | build your financial acumen – this is the language and the thought processes you need to use in order to make strategic business decisions;
  • Pillar #2 | improve your financial literacy – this is about identifying the quantifiable benefits of various talent initiatives and using the process the business requires to justify investments; and
  • Pillar #3 | act on meaningful analytics – you learn how to build a talent scorecard that aligns key talent metrics with business objectives.

Challenge #2 You’ve got to show a proven expertise in driving engagement, collaboration and retention of good talent

The SHRBP addresses this by ensuring that these behaviours are not nice benefits but rather ‘must-have’ business drivers. How? By giving you the logic and methodology you need to transform the work of your business unit leaders. You will get insight and learning on :

  • the ROI of Engagement, Collaboration and Retention (ECR) –  make improvements that continue to deliver, time after time, helping you make that case to your leadership team;
  • building trust and transparency – key for any business leader, you will build this and improve upon it;
  • the Eight Drivers of Improvement in ECR – you will get the lowdown on how to turn values into observable behaviours.

Challenge #3 You need to be armed with both consulting and execution skills

The SHRBP addresses this too because you cannot just prescribe activities for employees that they need to do – you have to build coalition and engineer the change you’re driving.  For this, you will learn:

  • how to execute and manage change – leanr how to make thing happen and how to accelerate change;
  • how to influence – learn how to move audiences and recognise the stages of acceptance; and
  • the migration of the HRBP – learn the steps for implementing your new capabilities.

Dates and Locations 2018

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 02 – 04 May and 26 – 28 Nov
Hong Kong city, Hong Kong | 26 – 28 Mar
Johannesburg, South Africa | 29 – 31 Oct
Makati, Philippines | 26 – 28 Mar
Melboure, Australia | 11 – 13 Apr
Muscat, Oman | 04 – 06 Sep
Singapore city, Singapore| 27 – 29  Aug
Sydney, Australia | 27 – 29  Aug

What do people say about the SHRBP course?

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Companies are uncovering the strategic force of their HR departments by empowering the roles of their Human Resource Business Partners (HRBPs). The signature 2015 HCI Research Report, Talent Pulse: Empowering the HR and Business Partnership examines the development, empowerment and performance of HRBPs in the workforce. What did they find?

1) A little over half of organisations surveyed report they have a Human Resources Business Partner model. Of those that do not, 43 percent are considering adoption within the next five years.The greatest challenges to transformation are lack of information, preference for the transactional, traditional model or size of the organisation. Larger organisations are more likely to have HRBPs; and

2) Employers are twice as likely to fill HRBP positions from outside of their organisation. They cannot find the skill sets needed for the roles (such as business acumen and consulting skills) in their current HR employees. Because they buy from the outside, less than half of surveyed respondents’ organisations provide training to their HRBPs.

What have past participants been saying having attended Ron’s course?

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