“If as an HR professional, you aspire to sit at the strategy table, you will find no better way to get there than reading every article in every issue of Accelerate Magazine. ”

Dr Mark Goulston, author of “Just Listen”, the top book on listening in the world.

“Accelerate, in it’s new avatar, brings together all that is great about HR Matters – intellectual depth, range of views, expert commentaries, immensely readable essays and of course, powerful visuals that bring life to stories expressed in the magazine. I wish team Accelerate the very best in their endeavor to redefine standards and push boundaries. Here’s to many more! ”

Subramanian Kalpathi
Consultant at People Business

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Glossop on 04 Mar
Creating a Climate for Innovation

Good stuff Daniel. Given the importance of 'climate' for innovation, would you care to speculate a little about the cultural factors within or around an enterprise […]

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